Wilkeson Corridor Plan

An artist's preliminary rendering of Wilkeson corridor
Rendering by Kelly Carson, RWD

Shea Carr Jewell staff love to work in small communities:  the history and tradition, the sense of ownership that long-time residents have, and the close-knit community dynamic where no one is allowed to be an anonymous face.

We are thrilled that the Town of Wilkeson has asked Shea Carr Jewell and our partner Robert W. Droll Landscape Architects to work with them in preparing a corridor plan for the Town.

The Town of Wilkeson sits at the base of Mount Rainier, about 20 miles east of Tacoma, Washington.  Rich in a history of coal mining and home to the sandstone quarry for the State Capitol, the Town has several historic buildings along Church Street.

The corridor plan will emphasize the rich cultural heritage while emphasizing the key elements SCJ has found many small communities are challenged by:

Photo of cut stone in Wilkeson showing dates esatablished and incorporated

  • Convenient public parking;
  • State highway requirements;
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM);
  • Access to public spaces and water amenities;
  • Public involvement;
  • Improved pedestrian connections;
  • Regional trail development; and
  • Downtown traffic circulation.

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