Our Culture


What Makes SCJ Different

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Anticipating emerging needs and priorities

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Envisioning projects that enhance communities

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Creating designs that bring the vision to life

SCJ’s Strategic Approach

Because our Core Values firmly guide how we do business, SCJ leadership seeks out team members, project partners and clients who share these same high ideals. We believe clients who are building quality projects and providing a benefit for the community are more likely to appreciate the strategic approach (Anticipate, Envision and Create) we use to execute their projects.

Our Core Values



Everyone at SCJ Alliance is empowered to make choices that serve our clients, our community, and our company. Stewardship includes listening carefully, anticipating needs, and engaging in respectful communication so that we build strong, lasting relationships with our clients, staff and community.


When we give ourselves the freedom to explore broad avenues, we also give ourselves the freedom to inspire and be inspired. Consequently, we have the freedom to respond to opportunity and to be nimble and flexible in meeting our clients’ needs, solving problems, and crafting solutions.


By compassion, we mean our desire to help when a need is discovered. Our compassion is reflected in the vested interest we take in our clients’ success. We also strive to create a compassionate workplace for ourselves. We know that when we acknowledge and care for the needs of our staff, the celebration of our achievements will follow.


Good outcomes build trust. It is about relying on one another to get the job done and having the faith that we will follow through. We are accountable. This is how we earn trust every day.


When we tell a client the truth as we know it, even if it risks the relationship and makes us both uncomfortable, we are depending on our honesty to help guide us to the right answers. Because we create projects and provide services that impact the health and well-being of others, there is no substitute for integrity.

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