SCJ Holiday Card a Favorite

2015 Christmas Card_frontIn early November, just before people really want to start thinking about the holidays, here at SCJ we’re asked, “What are you thankful for?” Being an eclectic group, the answers are always varied and entertaining!

As we ponder our answers, talented SCJ colleagues identify a meaningful quote (thanks Janis!), design a beautiful card (thanks Laura!), and review our mailing list (thanks everyone!).

The result is an inspiring Holiday card that elicits many heartfelt responses, including this year’s “Best Holiday Card Ever!” email sent back to us.

We like working together and sharing our lives with each other here at SCJ. And, it gives us great joy that sharing our appreciation for what we have, provides joy to others.

In case you missed our card, here it is! And from our family to yours, Happy Holidays and may 2016 bring you and yours more of “the good stuff.”

2015 Holiday Card
2015 Holiday Card

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