SCJ Helps Bring Long-Awaited Green Technology Pulp Mill to Eastern Washington

Early in August, ground was broken for the long-awaited Columbia Pulp Mill in eastern Washington. The first of its kind in North America, it will use wheat straw to produce a variety of products and employ nearly 100 people.

It’s officially called the Lyons Ferry Straw Pulp Plant and is located near Dayton, Wash. on the Snake River. This next generation pulp mill will turn waste straw into pulp for papermaking and process by-products for various uses such as towels, paper tissue, and food containers.

SCJ has been involved with the project since 2013, with people across the firm involved in a variety of aspects. The team coordinated traffic and highway access analysis, design, and permitting; critical areas analysis; soils analysis; cultural resources; and a permitting effort, including a special-use permit, well permits, and shoreline permitting.

“This project has so many moving parts that need to flow together. From permitting and traffic analysis to engineering and public outreach, our multidisciplinary team was able to work together seamlessly,” said SCJ’s Eric Johnston.

Last week, drone-filmed video footage of the site showed just how large the project area is.

SCJ worked on site feasibility planning; grading design; rail spur coordination and design; water, stormwater, and wastewater systems; and survey coordination. The firm is coordinating with all federal, state, and local agencies and facilitating and preparing materials for public outreach efforts.

Learn more about the cutting-edge project in this article from the Union Bulletin or this one from the Seattle Times. Keep up-to-date on their latest news on the Columbia Pulp Facebook page.

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