No Idling for Mason Transit Park and Rides

Park and ride. The idea – even the name – suggests “set it and forget it.” But not for Mason Transit Authority (MTA).

The public transportation agency is working to enhance and further develop its park and ride system, and SCJ is helping take on this continuous improvement project from all angles.

“Park and rides may not be flashy,” SCJ Project Manager Patrick Holm said, “but a better commute means less time on the road and more time doing what we love. So, improvement is always a goal.”

“The proposed new site in Belfair is garnering a lot of well-deserved attention,” Patrick said. “But MTA is also evaluating the system as a whole and really looking for ways to make it better for their constituents.”

Planned enhancements include new pavement, pavement reconstruction, stormwater facilities (including low impact design elements), illumination, video surveillance, signing and striping, bus pads and shelters, a multi-purpose building at the Belfair park and ride, and electric car charging stations at each location.

SCJ will assist with site selection and right-of-way acquisition for the Belfair park and ride, validate park and ride lot sizes for current and future demand at all park and rides, prepare conceptual to final design plans at each park and ride, and provide environmental documentation, permitting, and construction management.

“MTA secured the funds for the project through a highly competitive WSDOT grant process,” Patrick said. “It shows how necessary the enhancements are to the residents of Mason County and gives credence to MTA’s commitment to keep moving forward.”

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