No grandstanding here! SCJ engineers stadium swap at White River High School

The buzz around the first home game of the season is even bigger this year at White River High School as Hornet fans return to a revamped hive. SCJ provided civil engineering design services for the school’s new grandstand and parking lot project, and construction is wrapping just in time for fall sports.

“Coming back to school and cheering on the home team is a ritual that brings communities together year after year,” SCJ Senior Project Manager Ross Jarvis said. “It’s been fun to be a part of that tradition.”

New construction for the project led by McGranahan Architects included a grandstand to host 1,400 attendees, a stadium entrance, space for concessions, and new training rooms. Site modifications included relocating the existing stands to the visitor side; designing a large, onsite septic system for the grandstands; paving a fire lane; and providing stormwater conveyance and new water service.

SCJ also designed a 261-stall parking lot for the school, work that included erosion control, grading, drainage, and paving improvements.

“After the newness wears off, we’ll know we’ve been successful when our work goes unnoticed,” Ross said. “When the fans don’t have to think about the lot where they park their car or how well the restrooms work. When the grandstands aren’t something to see, but something they look past without a second thought, then we’ll know we’ve done our jobs.”

This Friday, September 15, the school will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the stadium at 6:30 p.m. Kickoff for the first home football game immediately follows at 7.

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