Motivated Hearts, Dedication, Revealed by Wenatchee Leadership Program

Photo of Vivian as she graduates from Wenatchee’s Community Leadership Class
SCJ Alliance Planner Vivian Ramsey (left) with Wenatchee Valley Chamber President Josh Stendera, Cashmere Valley Mortgage.

“Originally, I joined the Leadership Class to connect with others in my new community,” said SCJ Alliances’ Vivian Ramsey who moved to Wenatchee in 2011 from Grant County.

“Yet I got so much more than that. My Leadership Wenatchee experience has motivated me to reconnect with groups and issues that spark my passion!”

“The advertised schedule listed the topics: education, health care, major industries, and government. As a community development planner, I am well aware these components make up community in a general sense. I was confident the program would benefit me both professionally and personally,” Vivian said.

But the in-depth experience was beyond what she anticipated. The Leadership Class offered not only the opportunity to observe the operational details of different community sectors, but for Vivian to be motivated by the hearts and dedication of scores of individuals she met.

“Our experiences were varied, yet impressive across the board. I was dumbfounded that every apple that goes through the packing shed is photographed and then sorted by its color, size, and weight to be packed in a box that will weigh exactly 40lbs.  I was equally inspired by the dedication of the educational leaders working tirelessly to provide the best learning environments for our students,” shared Vivian.

Photo of Vivian Ramsey at SWAT range

One afternoon the leadership group spent time with the Chelan County SWAT Team. “SWAT team epitomizes leadership and teamwork. The camaraderie displayed by the group is the foundation of a great team. When everyone is working together towards the same goals, in the interest of all, the team and mission is successful,” Vivian said insightfully.

Wenatchee’s Community Leadership Class is an eight-month program developed to support personal growth, professional development, and community awareness, as well as develop motivated citizen leaders to guide the future growth of the Wenatchee Valley. 

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