Math IS Cool!

Math Is Cool 2016 5th grade teamSporting shirts that said “We’re π– Lingual,” it was obvious Lewis and Clark Elementary School graders were into math. The two fourth and fifth grade teams, sponsored by SCJ Alliance, enjoyed great success in the Math Is Cool completion in north central Washington held in mid-April.

The fourth grade team placed third out of 37 teams, with one student placing fifth and one placing sixth individually. The fifth grade team placed third, with one student grabbing second place individually.

“They did really well!” SCJ’s Tammy Moad said proudly. “It was fun to get out of the office as a team and participate in a community event that aligns so well with what we do.”

Tammy, Dan Ireland, Ryan Harmon and Jillian Reiner, all from SCJ’s Wenatchee office, volunteered as scorekeepers for the fourth grade competition.

“There were several categories,” Tammy explained, “including Mental Math, Individual Tests, Team Test, and Relays…and they were all timed. We were handed answer sheets (thank goodness, she adds) and then the runners would start passing out handfuls of tests for each table to score. We could not score our own team’s tests, and every test sheet was double-checked by someone else at the table.”

Math Is Cool 4th grade teamThe students were please to take their t-shirts as keepsakes, new this year because of the SCJ sponsorship.

In previous years, the shirts were just used by the students for the day, and then tucked away for a year until needed by the next year’s student competitors.

Congratulations mathletes! We’re proud to support your efforts.

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