Importance of Telecom Structure Condition Assessments

In most cases, communication systems are the critical links that allow municipalities to function.  Whether the systems are required for emergency response or for agency functions, the reliability of the systems should match their importance.  An often overlooked fact is that a communication system is only as reliable as the structures that support the system.  Are your structures really providing the reliability you are counting on?

Time degrades all structures.  Proper maintenance and inspection can maximize your investment in your infrastructure by allowing deficiencies to be corrected before they permanently damage structures.  The Telecommunications Industry Association’s Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas (TIA-222-G) recommends that structures be inspected every 3 years for guyed structures and every 5 years for self-supporting structures.  How long has it been since your structures and their sites have had a thorough inspection including guy tension measurements, material thickness testing of members and verticality surveys?

The Engineering Specialties Group specializes in telecom infrastructure planning, design, construction and inspection.  We are standing ready to assist you in achieving the reliability you require from your communication system.


This article was written by Steve Dorau, project manager and telecom infrastructure group leader.

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