Everett, Wenatchee, and Spokane. SCJ staff from across Washington present and host at three industry conferences this week

Hailing from western, central, and eastern Washington, two SCJ planners and an engineer will present at the state chapter of the American Planning Association and the state’s Tribal Transportation Planning Organization during the first week of October. SCJ’s Wenatchee office is also hosting an industry social during the state’s conference for the American Public Works Association.

American Planning Association – Washington chapter

Project Manager Mark Greening, out of Seattle, and Principal Bill Grimes, out of Spokane, will present at the APA conference in Spokane under the theme “Riding the Rapids of Change.”

Mark is part of a tour session called Replumbing Spokane Falls: Finding a Balance. Bill, a recent addition to SCJ along with his company Studio Cascade, is part of two panels: Navigating Tricky Councils and Planning for Spokane’s South University District.

Tribal Transportation Planning Organization

Project Engineer Jake Lewing will present on a corridor safety improvement project with the Stillaguamish Tribe at the Tribal Transportation Planning Organization meeting in Everett.

Jake and his team are working to improve driver safety along a corridor to tribal facilities, provide a safe space for pedestrians and bicyclists, and create an attractive entrance to the facilities.

He will be presenting to tribes from across Washington.

American Public Works Association

Several SCJ staff will also attend the conference for the state chapter of the American Public Works Association this week. The conference is held in Wenatchee, where our local team will host a social for conference first-timers and industry leaders at the state and national levels.

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