Engineer Honored for His Entrepreneurial Spirit

Project Manager Charlie Severs, PE   —  SCJ’s 2020 Entrepreneurial Award winner.

The awards ceremony was virtual, but the appreciation was very real. Last month, Project Manager Charlie Severs, PE was recognized with one of SCJ Alliance’s most prestigious honors, the Entrepreneurial Award.

The award is given to someone who takes risks, has passion and determination, loves learning, and has a real knack for making connections.

“From the time Charlie joined SCJ, I noticed he was always working hard and putting in 100% from the time he shows up to the time he leaves,” said one nominator. “He has used his networking skills to expand from small residential storm systems to managing two of our bigger clients.”

Charlie joined SCJ in 2015 and has been a part of the Centralia team since the office opened in 2016. “Charlie’s taken on a large role on the delivery team of some of our most important existing national clients as well as securing multiple new national clients,” said Centralia Office Principal, Brandon Johnson. “I think it’s fair to say he’s made exponential growth in his ability to sell work, manage projects, manage clients and manage staff.”

“I appreciate the award,” said Charlie, “but I really do feel like this is a team thing. We’re not getting clients and repeat work without the great work of the Centralia team and people from all offices who bring it to every project.”

Charlie during a site visit in Utah.

What type of projects does Charlie gravitate toward? “Clients that bring it too, and have a certain level of energy about their project, are those who I find I want to work for. As long as the juice is there, and they are passionate about their project, then we’re going to be passionate about that too.” He adds with a wry smile, “If someone came excited to build a doghouse and exuded that energy … that would be fun to work on.”

Charlie also leads and manages the civil engineering group in the Centralia office. “Charlie plays an integral role in the Centralia office and with our current work-from-home operations, his value has proven to be even more immense than I realized,” said Brandon.

The ping pong king during a 2018 tournament in the Centralia office.

A competitor by nature, Charlie has also dominated the ping pong scene in Centralia where there’s an in-house table. “I think Charlie has been claiming to be the office champion since 2016…and there seems to be nothing anyone can do to knock him off that throne,” says Johnson.

Under current COVID circumstances, it’s been a while since Charlie’s been challenged at the ping pong table. But we’re confident, when he is, he’ll keep bringing determination and passion to defend his title, just like he does for his clients.

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