Chelan’s Lakeside Trail

Photo of Chelan Lakeside Trail near Lakeside ParkOn July 14, 2011, the Chelan City Council approved the design completed by SCJ’s transportation engineering team for the section of the trail nearest Lakeside Park.  Completing this project required extensive public outreach to property owners along the planned trail route to ensure their needs for parking and access were met.  The trail design also addressed existing stormwater issues, handling water that previously would flow unimpeded into Lake Chelan.

In addition to stormwater collection, the trail design features unique traffic features to allow access to adjacent residential properties, condos, hotels and Lakeside Park, a favorite destination of locals and visitors alike.  Due to right-of-way restrictions, part of the street adjacent to the trail will be converted to one-way traffic, with a turnaround provided for vehicles where this traffic modification begins.

Don Morse Park lies at the other end of the Lakeside Trail.  Dave Allen and Dusty Jones from our Wenatchee office completed the design for that section of the trail, and the ribbon cutting ceremony for the completed project was held earlier this summer.

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