A Roundtable about a Roundabout

 When SCJ Alliance sat down for a discussion about the SR 503 roundabout in the City of Woodland, Wash., staff from all across the building came to the table.

“The project as a whole was a great process,” SCJ Construction Manager Dan Ireland noted. “It featured multiple business lines within our company, it looks great, and it has been welcomed by the public as a drastic change to the entrance of the city.”

SCJ managed the design of the new roundabout at the intersection of SR 503 (Lewis River Road) and Scott Avenue in the town known as “the southern gateway to Mt. St. Helens.”

The project included an alternatives analysis and preparation of an Intersection Control Analysis report, showing a single-lane roundabout was the preferred intersection type.

Improvements included pavement reconstruction, sidewalks, stormwater, water, sewer, illumination, utility relocation, landscaping, and a sculpture structure in the roundabout central island.

The project was funded by Transportation Improvement Board grants and included approval through WSDOT for work on a state route. Services included a SEPA Checklist, a cultural report per Executive Order 05-05, and a shoreline permit.

Woodland-SR-503 roundabout at night“This project is a big benefit for the community in the northeast part of the city,” SCJ Project Manager Scott Sawyer said. “The roundabout works much better than the old stop sign. It creates a sense of place with the adjacent country store and provides a great gateway entry, from residential areas to the north to commercial areas to the south.”

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