Saving Lives with Communication Towers in Colorado

SOC Microwave Inventory 6People’s lives depend on a reliable emergency communication system, even under the harshest of conditions. Since 2008, the State of Colorado has been using SCJ Alliance team members for on-call tower services to ensure just this.

The project holds meaning for SCJ Project Manager Joel Deis. “Assisting the state with this project has been very fulfilling for many reasons, but the most obvious one for me is knowing that the emergency communication system will be able to withstand all that Mother Nature has to throw at it,” he said.

Work includes data collection and testing, tower surveys, and structural analyses on microwave radio sites. Based on the results of our work, the state has been able to raise the funds necessary to upgrade their infrastructure and provide the reliability needed for emergency communications.

Joel adds, “Having an emergency communication system in place during extreme weather conditions is one of the situations when you need it the most.”

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