Bringing Back a Boom Town

Rock Island 1_HFIf there’s one thing to know about the small community of Rock Island, Wash., it’s that they bounce back. The town has endured booms and busts from the building of railroad bridges, dams and factories. Today, the population of just 746 people are eager to grow anew.

SCJ is providing municipal planning support for the city, just seven miles downriver from Wenatchee.  Staff will assist with updates to the Comprehensive Plan, municipal code, and development standards as well as coordinate review of private development proposals. We are working with the City Council to identify long-term community priorities for improved services, public spaces, economic development and development of the town center.

“Rock Island hasn’t experienced any growth since 1982,” said SCJ Principal Eric Johnston. “However, recently developers have woken up to the beauty and low land prices in town.”

Subsequently, two planned developments and a major subdivision have been approved, which will add 250 new homes.

Great progress has been made in a short of amount of time, and you can hear the excitement around the office. Eric added, “I love the challenge of working with the developers and the City to ensure that development proceeds in a manner that is logical, meets the City’s future needs, and makes Rock Island a place people want to call home.”


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