Dan Ireland, PE

Favorite Movie
Armageddon. Heroes, romance, action, great soundtrack, Bruce Willis! It’s the complete package!

Favorite Tree
ALL!!  I love Trees.

Favorite Way to Spend a Sunny Day
Completing the Trifecta: Mountain biking in the morning, skiing at Mission Ridge in the afternoon, and then wrapping up the day with wakeboarding on the Columbia River. Only possible in Wenatchee!

Favorite Project of All Time
Designing the expansion of SR 305 from two lanes to four with bike lanes through the town of Poulsbo, Washington, for the Washington State Department of Transportation. It included 12 structural earth walls, 5 fish passages, and a stream realignment as well as utilities, complete road rebuild, limited right of way, new driveways for all the businesses—all within 1.2 miles. It was intense, fast, and made a huge difference to daily commuters and the environment. Fish returned almost immediately to parts of the river they hadn’t been seen in for 50 years!