WA, OR, and CA

WinCo Foods


The WinCo Foods Company has seen significant growth and market penetration over the last few years and continues to expand by constructing new stores throughout the Western United States. Due to their rapid growth, and because the stores represent a unique retail format, WinCo commissioned this study to evaluate traffic and parking characteristics at ten store sites representing a variety of geographic and demographic conditions. Study sites were located in Western Washington, Oregon, and Northern and Southern California.

The study accomplished the following goals:
• Documented current WinCo Foods traffic generation characteristics
• Identified trends in peak and daily utilization of store transportation infrastructure, including driveway accesses, parking lots, and non-motorized facilities
• Provided traffic/demographic information specific to each of ten different WinCo Foods stores for use in establishing localized market strategies for existing and future stores

In addition to providing WinCo Foods a wealth of information for facility planning, the results of the study were incorporated into the ITE Trip Generation Manual.