Forest Grove, Oregon

City of Forest Grove


The northern portions of the City of Forest Grove are largely undeveloped and need full urban services to accommodate growth. Working in partnership with the City, SCJ led a multi-disciplinary team to create a master plan concept for over 600 acres including steep slopes on David Hill. SCJ assisted the city with public outreach efforts and a design charrette to lay the groundwork for solutions that would be embraced by the community. We also coordinated work addressing issues related to the natural environment, urban design and geo-technical constraints.

Integration of the master plan with existing land use, natural environmental features and urban services were key challenges. SCJ identified and costed a backbone transportation system that takes advantage of topography and existing connections to major roads. We worked closely with the city and Clean Water Services to provide and cost plan concepts for water, sewer and storm water management.


“This exciting project offered a full range of multi-disciplinary challenges. It was gratifying to provide a blueprint for the city to move forward as land development activities begin occurring.”

Anne Sylvester, PTE
Project Manager