Seattle, WA

WSDOT (subconsultant to T.Y. Lin International & Graham Construction)

2018 - Present

In joint efforts with T.Y. Lin International and Graham Construction, SCJ Alliance is serving as the roadway and traffic signal design lead for the completion of the West Approach Bridge South and the rebuild of an improved SR 520 Montlake Boulevard E interchange for WSDOT’s SR 520 Montlake Project.

This design-build project is part of the SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV program, and will connect the recently built floating bridge to the west shoreline of Lake Washington.

The SR 520 Montlake project also incorporates direct access ramps for high-occupancy vehicles (HOV) and buses. A lid structure with a regional transit hub and a pedestrian land bridge feature carefully designed landscaped areas over the highway.

The new bridge infrastructure will be seismically stronger, and will improve mobility and public safety while bringing new open spaces, trail connections, and many more enhancements to the community. In addition, the project will reconnect neighborhoods that have been divided by the highway since the 1960s.

As the roadway and traffic signal design lead, the SCJ team developed the design from concept to construction. The carefully crafted, improved channelization maximizes the use of existing infrastructure and implements safer and more efficient roadways and traffic signals in this constrained urban environment.

Thanks to the experienced project manager and technical team, SCJ has delivered fluid coordination with multiple stakeholders while ensuring future compatibility with upcoming projects in the area.

The project is expected to be completed by 2024.


“Projects like this are essential to our community. The concept of ‘lidding’ dedicated vehicular space and giving it back to our community in the form of parks and open spaces is vital to our region. I am proud to be engaged in this project not only for the challenges that push you to be better, but also because with each step we can visualize what the final results will be that our neighbors of Montlake, as well as the everyday bike and car commuters, will enjoy.”

Rubén Vásquez, EIT
Senior Design Engineer