Skokomish Nation, WA

Skokomish Indian Tribe


As the Skokomish Indian Tribe made plans for their Community Center – where they would recognize, preserve and nurture cultural traditions – SCJ Alliance was called in to delineate wetlands and provided a report and mitigation plan.

The wetland report described wetland conditions and characteristics, and provided a plan for mitigation for unavoidable wetland impacts. This included a description of how impacts to wetlands would be minimized and where mitigation plantings would occur. The goal was to improve a larger, more valuable wetland located south of the main project area, in compensation for loss of a small isolated remnant wetland located within the main project area.


“The Community Center project is so important to the tribe, providing an opportunity and a place to recognize, develop, and preserve cultural traditions which will provide benefits for the whole community.”

Lisa Palazzi, CPSS, PWS
Certified Professional Soil/Wetland Scientist