Reedsport, OR

City of Reedsport; Oregon Dept. of Transportation

2017- 2018

The Deans to Dune Trail Plan will connect Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area on the Umpqua River with the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on the Pacific near Winchester Bay.

SCJ worked with the City of Reedsport, in partnership with Oregon Department of Transportation and Douglas County, to develop a trail plan for this multi-use, eight-mile corridor. The route navigates steep slopes and critical areas, rural sections, and areas in downtown more heavily-traveled.

A key goal for the project was designing a safer, more comfortable environment for bicyclists and pedestrians, reducing their reliance on the state highway system. Reedsport also sees this project as part of their economic development plan, wanting to capitalize on opportunities to increase tourism along this portion of the Southern Oregon coast. The plan recognizes the high-quality resources of the area, identifying key access points and road crossing options.

SCJ prepared concepts, preliminary design analysis and cost estimates for the trail alignment. The plan includes gateway features, access management, and ADA-compliant design guidance throughout the corridor.


“This trail project connects two areas drawing tourists to Reedsport, offering an opportunity to provide a great community amenity that will encourage visitors to bicycle or walk between the Oregon Dunes and the Umpqua River. The project faces several challenges and it was exciting to watch the project team develop design alternatives to make this unique trail a viable project.“

Eric Johnston, PE
Project Manager