Tacoma, WA

City of Tacoma


Every year, more than 10 million tons of freight are hauled over Port of Tacoma Road. The number shows what a critical arterial it is and why it’s not surprising the road was in need of repair.

SCJ’s involvement with the rehabilitation project included transportation planning, transportation design and public outreach.

Transportation planners conducted analyses to evaluate project impacts on commercial truck queuing and intersection level of service. They also estimated the potential vehicle and commercial truck emissions.

Transportation designers performed the constructability review and developed a strategy to maintain port operations during construction. They also designed the future Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) conduit infrastructure for the corridor.

For public outreach, SCJ organized and facilitated a series of open houses to engage and inform local business owners, port employees, truckers, and other interested stakeholders.


“The overall project was APWA Washington’s Transportation Project of the Year. The City and Port were very happy with it and view it as a real success.”

Dan Ireland, PE
Engineering Manager