Olympia, WA

Port of Olympia


As a subconsultant to KPFF, SCJ Alliance provided the shoreline permitting and biological documentation for a new fueling facility at the Swantown Marina in the Port of Olympia. The work was conducted in the waters of Budd Inlet.

The permitting work included providing a permitting timeline for several alternatives as well as providing permitting for the selected alternative and providing submittals to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, WDFW, and the City of Olympia. The work also required a presentation to the hearing examiner for the shoreline permit.

Shoreline projects are always a fun challenge because the regulations are constantly changing and the species using the shorelines are often protected. Finding the win for the environment and for the client is a puzzle that requires solid analysis of the issues to determine opportunities for the best solution.

The Port Commission approved the construction of a Marine Fueling Station at Swantown Marina and construction was complete in 2017.