Shelton, WA

Mason Transit Authority


The Mason Transit Authority (MTA) wanted to pave an existing gravel parking lot at their headquarters in Shelton, Washington. However, this required an update of their stormwater management system to meet current code. The project goal was to assess performance of the pond and collect data that would be needed for future pond expansion.

SCJ Alliance programmed and installed a water level monitoring datalogger in an existing stormwater pond that had been designed to collect, treat, and infiltrate stormwater runoff from buildings and parking areas. The datalogger was programmed to collect water level hourly; a parallel rain gauge was programmed to record total hourly rainfall. Results were graphed and analyzed to determine functional infiltration rates in response to various rainfall events.


“We needed to perform the [pond] monitoring during the rainy season so timing was imperative. Lisa Palazzi, the project coordinator, quickly procured necessary equipment and established a time line to accomplish all goals. Communication with Lisa and her assistant was timely and complete. Lisa provided detailed monthly reports which were easy to comprehend. The final report will assist MTA with our long-range plans.”

Marshall Krier
Maintenance and Facilities Manager
Mason Transit Authority


“This project was very interesting, as we knew there was a shallow impermeable layer below the pond which would affect infiltration function, forcing most water to infiltrate through the pond sidewalls rather than the base. The information gathered with the programmable datalogger and rain gauge precisely documented the effective infiltration rate, which would be faster when the pond was full and slower as the pond drained.”

Lisa Palazzi, CPSS, PWS
Certified Professional Soil/Wetland Scientist