Mason County, WA

Mason Transit Authority


Mason Transit Authority (MTA) is working to enhance and further develop its Park & Ride system, and SCJ is helping take on this continuous improvement project from all angles.

The project focuses on four current Park & Ride locations and a new one in Belfair. SCJ’s environmental team first worked with MTA to narrow the possibilities for the new location, before the engineering group took the reins for further work on site selection and acquisition.

Planned enhancements include new pavement, pavement reconstruction, stormwater facilities (including low impact design elements), illumination, video surveillance, signing and striping, bus pads and shelters, a multi-purpose building at the Belfair Park & Ride, and electric car charging stations at each location.

The new Belfair Park & Ride warranted a new roundabout intersection at Log Yard Road and SR3. The roundabout intersection will provide access to SR3 for Park & Ride users, as well as existing Log Yard Road users. Due to the high volume of truck traffic on Log Yard Road, the roundabout was designed to accommodate the larger than normal trucks that use the intersection.

As part of the project, SCJ created a video to show how a large truck would navigate the roundabout.