Shelton, WA

Mason Transit Authority


Nine different parcels in north Mason County were evaluated and compared by SCJ Alliance. We looked at various characteristics to help determine which parcels were better or less suited for development as a Mason Transit Park & Ride Facility.

First seven to eight key site requirements were identified, such as parking for 100-150 cars, space for 10 buses, or needing access to the future Belfair Bypass (slated for construction in 2021). SCJ also considered the potential for project complications from proximity to critical areas (such as wetlands or streams). The sites were ranked, including for their impact on critical areas, and a limited list created of the best sites which will be studied further from a more detailed design perspective.


“This project was well suited to use of soil science landscape studies. The assessment required consideration of each parcel from a landscape perspective (i.e., assessing potential both onsite and offsite), and considering future surrounding development potential. Soil science techniques commonly apply landscape-level study perspective as well as a consideration of potential future land management regimes. This also allowed us to incorporate considerations about soil depth and stormwater function into the assessment.”

Lisa Palazzi, CPSS, PWS
Certified Professional Soil/Wetland Scientist