Thurston County, WA

Todd A. Hansen Construction


Keanland Park PRRD is a 102-lot single family residential development located along the Deschutes River on a little over 300 acres rural Thurston County, Washington. The project required an extensive planning and entitlement role by SCJ to develop a site plan that maximizes building potential while preserving wetlands, floodways, buffers, wildlife habitat, and other critical areas associated with a project of this size along the Deschutes River.

The result was a high-end, highly desirable residential development that seamlessly utilized the natural beauty of the surrounding area while maximizing the profit potential for the builder. The project included extensive grading and 3D work to utilize existing contours, more than two miles or new roadways, private water systems, individual septic system design, frontage improvements, franchise utility coordination, and low impact stormwater design.