Pierce County, WA

Washington State Department of Transportation, Olympic Region


SCJ is working with WSDOT on a long-range plan to reduce congestion on I-5 near Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM).

As part of that work, SCJ helped WSDOT create guidelines for architects, engineers, and landscape architects to use when designing transportation features in the project area. Technical requirements and an aesthetic goal are provided for each design element.

The standards are written with two types of viewers in mind: those viewing from the roadway, or driving on I-5, and those viewing toward the roadway.


“The views from I-5 should stay consistent with the rest of the roadway, but the views toward it have more flexibility. There you have the opportunity to reflect the character of the area. JBLM has been around much longer than I-5 has, and that history shows in our recommendations.”

Dan Penrose
Principal and Planning Manager


“The standards will unify the corridor and honor the neighborhood character while telling a story through both landscaping for screening and visual quality and aesthetic treatments for bridges, walls and barriers.”

Mark Garff, PLA, ASLA
Principal Landscape Architect