Olympia, WA

McGranahan Architects, Olympia School District


The Garfield Elementary School project included the renovation and modernization of a 37,000 square foot elementary school, demolition and reconstruction of the gym and multipurpose room, and site modifications. Site modifications included a redesign of the existing parking lot to separate bus turn around and staff parking from parent parking and drop off areas.

SCJ prepared a revised circulation plan to decrease congestion and improve safety while maintaining required parking and providing for sufficient site access. Site construction also included the addition of a new sewer main line, water line rerouting, rerouting of stormwater conveyance systems, and the addition of stormwater water quality treatment filters, and the addition of cisterns for stormwater reuse.

Project challenges included development of discrete project phases to ensure the school remained operational during construction, coordination of school project with adjacent Boys and Girls Club project, and coordination of site access for buses, emergency vehicles and solid waste disposal vehicles.