Elma, WA

Steve Hansen, Developer


Wetlands or no wetlands? A comprehensive soils and hydrology study of this property was completed by SCJ Alliance to find this out and document the results. The report also documented the depth to groundwater, which affects site development design and stormwater management.

Nine soil pits were dug with an excavator to more than 15 feet depth; soil profiles were described in detail during summer months, but documenting indications of a seasonal winter high water table at 3-4 feet depth.


“The site is directly adjacent to Highway 8 at an Elma off-ramp. As a result, soils on-site had been disturbed in the past during periods of highway and road construction, as well as when underground utilities and drainage systems were installed. Therefore, interpreting the soil profile required an excellent understanding of soil forming factors and good observational skills. I was excited to help City staff come to a better understanding about on-site soils and site history, and to help eliminate concerns about potential on-site wetlands.”

Lisa Palazzi, CPSS, PWS
Certified Professional Soil/Wetland Scientist