East Wenatchee, Douglas County Washington

Eastmont Metro Parks & Recreation


The Eastmont Metro Parks District Comprehensive Plan was in need of an update. Our planning and design team provided leadership and guidance for the project, including evaluating the existing system’s current demands and opportunities. The plan update process incorporated an online survey, public open house, and extensive GIS mapping and analysis.

The planning team successfully updated the comp plan using the Recreation and Conservation Office’s (RCO) Manual 2 as guidance. Analysis included a regulatory review of vacant parcels in areas needing recreation facilities. A topographic analysis was performed to rule out parcels too costly to develop due to site grades. The comp plan update was completed in just 10 months, including an RCO courtesy review resulting in few minor revisions.


“It was rewarding to support the Eastmont Parks District in crafting a vision for their park system.  Working closely with staff, the parks commission, and a local stakeholders group, the needs and demands of the community became clear. We utilized some unique GIS tools to evaluate neighbors, sites, and zoning to identify parcels that were available and cost effective to develop to ensure efficient implementation of the new park plan.”