Tumwater, WA

City of Tumwater


SCJ is leading a feasibility study to evaluate the potential to connect E Street across Tumwater Valley in the Brewery District Area of Tumwater. The new arterial connection will be a key driver in transforming the Brewery District, an area bounded by I-5 to the east, the cemetery on Cleveland Avenue to the west, the historic commercial area and Tumwater Historical Park to the north, and E Street and the Tumwater Valley Golf Club to the south.

The new arterial will draw 25,000 vehicles per day, improving travel times for regional east-west commuters. E Street will also reduce traffic demand on Custer Way, allowing for the creation of vibrant, pedestrian-scale neighborhood clusters in the district.


“The connection of E Street across Tumwater Valley is an exciting idea. It will be the catalyst to move regional traffic out of the Custer Way corridor and create an opportunity to transform the Brewery District Area into a vibrant, pedestrian-scale mixed use destination in Tumwater.”

Scott Sawyer, PE
Project Manager