Pierce County, WA

Pierce County Parks and Recreation


SCJ planners and landscape architects worked with Pierce County Parks and Recreation to build upon the beauty and usability of Chambers Creek Regional Park through a 2017 master plan update.

While the first part of the plan was an overall update of the 2007 master plan, significant attention was given to the unimproved area south of the wastewater treatment plant. Through a series of open houses and a dedicated website, SCJ presented two concepts for the south area, illustrated by the landscape architecture team.

The concepts highlight both active uses, like a parkour climbing area and sand volleyball courts, and more passive ones, like a 2.5-mile network of trails, an off-leash dog park, and a native plant garden.

The planning team received and reviewed more than 1,400 responses to the online survey they created for the update, which included ideas for a boat launch for kayaks and canoes and an observation lookout over the Sound.


“The Chambers Creek plan very much reflects the interests of county residents and park users by maintaining views of Puget Sound and the Olympics, expanding the trail system, and improving access to the beaches. It’s encouraging to have so many residents involved and invested in seeing the park succeed.”

Dan Penrose
Planning Manager