Statewide, Washington

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

2015 - 2020

The Recreational Conveyance Program, or the Ski Lift Program is responsible for inspections of recreational conveyances in Washington State. SCJ has been retained for a 5-year contract to provide on-call inspection services for the specialty structures throughout the state.

Operating a recreational conveyance requires a current certificate to operate. The certificated requires a completed inspection, with any identified issues corrected. All structures are inspected using current American National Standard for Passenger Ropeways – Aerial Tramways, Aerial Lifts, Surface Lifts, Tows and Conveyors – Safety Requirements, ANSI B77.1.

Inspections are required for two different seasons, winter and summer, with one inspection scheduled and one random unannounced inspection. Additionally, periodic dynamic load tests are required every 7-years on all Fixed Grip, Detachable Grip, and Reversible Aerial Trams.

Ropeway transportation systems are exciting to be involved with due to the complexities of the systems. These pieces of equipment rely on sound design and construction in wire ropes, hydraulic systems, electric and diesel power systems, and structures built in remote locations. Having the opportunity to inspect these pieces of equipment and talking to the folks who maintain them always gives you the opportunity to learn something new.