East Wenatchee, WA

Douglas County Public Works

Once a derelict site in the terminal view at a prominent intersection in East Wenatchee, the Ninth Street site was transformed into a small user-friendly plaza enhancing the popular access point to the Apple Capital Loop trail.

The plaza was designed to provide a refuge for trail users, recreationists and East Wenatchee downtown visitors that makes a strong connection to the river. The planting plan incorporates native plant materials into an irrigated landscape to lengthen their growing season to enhance the user’s experience.

Plaza development was a part of a federally funded enhancement project that included the realignment of a dangerous sweeping blind curve in the 10-mile loop trail, including a new access point at 32nd Place in Douglas County. In addition to the plans and specifications for the Ninth Street plaza SCJ designers prepared conceptual design plans and construction documents, technical specifications, and engineer’s estimate for the realignment of a substandard curve of the Apple Capital Loop Trail adjacent to 32nd Place NW.

The existing trail suffered from hazardous hairpin curves, significant grade changes, and an ever-deteriorating upland habitat. Improvements included a gradually sweeping trail realignment, stormwater runoff handling, a connector trail to 32nd Place, and riparian/upland habitat restoration/mitigation. The proposed solution provided greater trail access to a wider range of users.


“Our designers are always excited to be involved in projects with a significant public outreach effort. This project was part of a proposal to make changes to one the most utilized recreation amenities in the valley. It is always fun to reach out to a community and ask for their ideas on an issue or a project proposal. Our role in public outreach for the loop trail extends back to 2009 when WSDOT, the owner of the trail corridor, was considering surplus of the property.”