Cable-Propelled Services Beyond Compare

Thanks to our experience, staff depth, and discipline variety, our ropeway transportation capabilities are unparalleled. Whatever words you use to describe these creative ways to move people..cable cars, gondolas, aerial rapid transit (ART), ski lifts, funiculars, aerial tramways (they’re called by many names based on their application and design)…we’ve got you covered.

Something only SCJ offers is the ability to prepare a profile analysis at a preliminary level, prior to design. Clients don’t have to rely on a manufacturer’s design, which can favor the manufacturer, but rather we can do the analysis independently. Our proprietary Ropeline Profile Calculator will help identify the number of towers needed, and amount of rope tension and horsepower required to move the system, among other things. This allows clients to assess the feasibility of a project earlier in the process with less upfront investment.

Our experts assist clients during planning, design and procurement of new systems, as well as with inspection, modification and repair of existing systems. Whether an aerial or ground supported system, look to SCJ for services like these:

  • Concept development
  • Planning studies
  • Feasibility studies and cost estimates
  • Capacity studies
  • Technical validation studies
  • Ropeway profile analysis
  • Full system analysis and final design
  • Ropeway engineering
  • Peer review
  • Site programming and layout
  • Project delivery and procurement
  • Commissioning and construction
  • Owner’s rep services
  • System audits, inspections, and modifications/refurbishments
  • Assessments and forensics
  • Operations and maintenance analysis
  • Regulatory analysis

Our team members are thought leaders in this industry. Visit our Gondola Project website for more information on urban gondolas and cable-propelled transit.

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