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There’s nothing simple about transforming undeveloped land into a completed project. It takes vision, tenacity, and commitment. Let’s make your vision a reality.

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There are many ways to move people and goods. Our transportation planners and engineers thrive on those unique opportunities. They’re wicked smart and creative to boot!

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Developing the big picture requires expert knowledge of the pieces. In the beginning the solution may not be clear, but with careful assembly of those pieces, the answer reveals itself.

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Landscape Architecture

Great design enhances your experience where you live, work and play. Let us transform your environment with right-sized solutions customized for your site.

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Cable-Propelled Transit

In steep terrain and dense urban settings, the use of cable-propelled transit (think gondolas!) is on the rise. SCJ is leading the way with this efficient, cost-effective solution.


Who We Are

SCJ’s mission is to serve our clients, communities and each other with creativity, knowledge, insight and perspective.

We are a 100% employee-owned company specializing in civil engineering, transportation planning & design, environmental & urban planning, landscape architecture & design, and public outreach.

We work collaboratively with public and private clients throughout the western United States to . . .

Anticipate emerging needs and priorities
Envision projects that enhance communities
Create designs that bring the vision to life


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Shea Carr Jewell Company, or SCJ Alliance, is a civil engineering, transportation planning and design firm. In the presentation, the company looked at local areas such as the St. Pete Pier, the St. Pete airport, Tampa Convention Center, Clearwater Beach and other destinations to connect to within a 6- to 12-mile radius. Economically, the systems are […]
Built in 1927, the historic Woodin Avenue Bridge with its iconic lamp posts, stretches 450-feet over pristine Lake Chelan and serves as a grand entrance to the City of Chelan’s downtown. During the summer tourist season, the bridge bustles with people, baby strollers, cars, trucks, trailers, and RVs. Until 2019, this was all happening within the […]
How is business going for SCJ Studio LA in the era of Covid 19? What are some of the strategies you’ve employed to shift directions in regards to new business and/or just maintaining the current projects you have. At the beginning of the shutdown we had a couple projects that we were in the middle […]
From its inception, SCJ Alliance has been a company that embraces, supports and celebrates women. The firm’s many female engineers mentor girls and young women, sharing what they have learned through experience in a male-dominated field. Now that support is taking on a different form. SCJ is adding its voice to a new cancer research effort, ResearcHERS.
Aug 17 | ThurstonTalk
Primary Agency: City of Chelan Primary Consultant: SCJ Alliance Category: Historic | Less Than $5 million. One of the main entry points to Chelan is a historic bridge built in 1927 that stretches 450 feet over pristine Lake Chelan. For years, the City of Chelan grappled with how to address major safety concerns related to […]


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