Wenatchee, Washington

City of Wenatchee


For the last five years, SCJ staff has worked with the City and the Wenatchee Downtown Association in developing a vision for downtown including new site furnishing, streetscape and utility improvements. In the summer of 2013, the City of Wenatchee received notice that CERB Grant funds, awarded for downtown economic development, needed to be spent in 2014 or the funds would be lost.

SCJ continued a relationship with the City to define a scope  of improvements within available funds that accomplished the City’s goals. We developed concepts, gained buy-in, and prepared final plans for construction in the summer of 2014 to build ADA improvements, pavement restoration, sanitary sewer and water system upgrades, decorative crosswalks, and traffic signals upgrades.

The project also included wayfinding signage and median curbing to discourage regional truck traffic downtown. SCJ continues to work with downtown businesses, property owners, and the Wenatchee Downtown Association to create a streetscape plan for the downtown core. Our designers and planners have played a lead role in public involvement including outreach with property and business owners in the downtown core.


“We can’t do what we do without great partners like SCJ Alliance. They go above and beyond what is expected of them.”

Linda Haglund, Executive Director
Wenatchee Downtown Association


“The project was primarily focused on updating downtown infrastructure to accommodate and encourage residential infill into the downtown area. Portions of the water system and most of the sanitary sewer system were close to 100 years old. Significant work was required to update and up-size both systems to position downtown Wenatchee to absorb additional housing units as well as increased commercial activity.”

Dave Allen, PE
Project Manager