Thurston County, WA

Thurston Regional Planning Council

2018 - 2020

This trail feasibility study evaluated options for extending the Yelm-Tenino Trail, a shared-use path that was created through the Rails-to-Trails program, from the Town of Bucoda to the City of Tenino. These communities currently lack safe bicycle and pedestrian use of this 14.5 mile multi-use corridor.

The project encompassed community engagement, public vision development, value-based alternative analysis, preliminary feasibility report, and a final feasibility report.

Working with Thurston Regional Planning Council, SCJ helped identify stakeholders who were then guided through an alternative analysis process, allowing them to create weighted criteria and in the end have a value for each route. Stakeholders included officials from cities, WSDOT, multiple Thurston County departments, and residents.

SCJ also coordinated with subconsultants to identify impacts to the cultural, historical and environmental resources, as well as the needed permits.


“It’s very rewarding to help these two communities both increase their recreational opportunities, as well as their transportation options, including providing an alternate route in and out of Bucoda in the event of an emergency.”

Whitney Holm, PE
Project Manager