Olympia, WA

Washington Department of Enterprise Services


The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is updating Washington state’s Capitol Campus, and SCJ Alliance is helping with utility renewal, ADA improvements, and sidewalk and road repairs.

Renovation of the sunken garden is also underway, with SCJ coordinating ADA enhancements, the creation of a new path around the perimeter, and replanting.


“When people visit the Capitol Campus, they expect reliable sidewalks and roads free of cracks and potholes. They want ADA accessible facilities and good amenities for pedestrians and bicyclists. They expect clean stormwater runoff as part of a healthy environment. And, they want it all done with limited financial resources.

We intend to preserve the history of the Capitol Campus in a way that aligns with the original vision designed for it, while bringing aging infrastructure and failing hardscape into the 21st century.”

Ross Jarvis, PE