Tumwater, WA

City of Tumwater


There are exciting changes ahead for the Capitol Boulevard/Trosper Road intersection, and SCJ is leading the design of these improvements which will address congestion, among other things.

Capitol Boulevard is the primary north-south arterial through the City of Tumwater, serving a wide array of businesses, neighborhoods, and employment centers. The intersection serves as the northerly gateway to the Capitol Boulevard corridor (M Street to Tumwater Boulevard).

The intersection improvements are part of a master plan to improve economic conditions, mobility, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and aesthetic appeal throughout the corridor.

This final design is a continuation of the Capitol Boulevard Corridor feasibility work completed earlier by SCJ. A key aspect of that work was solving mobility challenges at the Capitol Boulevard/Trosper Road intersection.

SCJ’s efforts, including obtaining timely WSDOT approvals, paved the way for $7 million in grants to rebuild the intersection and modify the northbound ramps in the I-5/Trosper Road interchange. The new intersection and interchange area will better disperse traffic and improve mobility for all users.

Major improvements include three new roundabouts, ramp realignments, raised center median to better control driveway access, treatment for stormwater runoff, enhanced pedestrian/bicycle facilities, and decorative street lighting.


“This project is going to be transformative for the City of Tumwater. It’s very rewarding to work in my local community to make people’s lives better.”