Cheaper Lift Tickets and a Safer Ride, Thanks to Decades of Work by SCJ Engineer

Ski lift industry honors aerial ropeway engineer for lifetime of innovation and service.
Jamie Bunch in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Each year, the Rocky Mountain Lift Association honors one person with an award for contributions and unselfish devotion to the ski lift industry.

This year, SCJ Senior Consultant James (Jamie) Bunch was honored for his innovation, his ability and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and his investment in young engineers.

Jamie’s work reached straight to consumers when he developed the first integrated, computerized ski lift profile analysis, including the calculations and drawings for English-speaking countries. “His personal investment of time to make this work has provided for more economical and safe ski-lift equipment,” said SCJ Senior Consultant Jim Fletcher.

SCJ Senior Consultant Jamie Bunch, PE, won the 2018 Robert E. Lesage Memorial Award from the Rocky Mountain Lift Association.

His work for his clients is so complete, he often blurs the lines of engineering disciplines. “Jamie’s logic-based approach to engineering problem-solving allows him to excel not only in electrical engineering, his so-called primary focus, but also in the disciplines of civil, structural, and mechanical engineering,” Jim said.

Jim said Jamie once helped a client with drainage for a new parking lot, and the county’s plan reviewer remarked, “This is the most thorough set of calculations that I have ever seen.” It was the first drainage calculation Jamie had ever done.

Jamie on the job in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

In his introduction for the 2018 Robert E. Lesage Memorial Award, Jim said of Jamie, “These examples of his contribution to the ski lift industry should not overshadow the countless number of hours that he personally expends in tutoring young engineers in our office. He is never too busy to answer a question or provide direction.”

To learn more about the kind of work Jamie does for SCJ, check out some of our aerial ropeway transportation projects.

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  1. I will second all the kind words said about Jamie. I am lucky to have had and to have again, Jamie as a mentor.


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