Twisp, WA

Town of Twisp


This town center master plan assesses, prioritizes, and provides conceptual designs for projects that will have a significant positive impact on business and economic vitality in downtown Twisp, Washington.

Following input from a robust public engagement effort, the master plan document details an infrastructure design and development strategy to revitalize and enhance business visibility, encourage economic development, and attract tourism to Twisp.

Proposed design elements unify and draw attention to the central business area, encouraging highway traffic to pause, park, and walk the downtown area.

The project included improved illumination, wayfinding signage, pedestrian corridors, streetscape upgrades, and public art.

Significant gateway projects and multiple locations define the town center.


“I have no doubt that the implementation of this plan will help stimulate Twisp’s economy… I believe the process provides an excellent model for any other small towns seeking economic revitalization – I know it has already provided great benefit to our community.”

Soo Ing-Moody
Town of Twisp


“We loved getting to know so many of the citizens of Twisp during this project.

The resulting plan was able to touch on so many of the different elements that make Twisp unique. We had a sense that the master plan was able to effectively weave artistic elements, economic vitality, public spaces, and both vehicle and pedestrian transportation connectivity into a very buildable plan that will really make a difference for this community.”

Eric Johnston