Vader, WA

City of Vader


The City of Vader is a small community of about 650 residents with limited resources, but with many of the same planning needs and responsibilities as larger communities with bigger tax bases and more staff.

SCJ Alliance’s role is to assist the City with a full array of planning support functions, ranging from working with citizens on understanding local planning regulations, to processing permits, to preparing ordinances and working with the Planning Committee and City Council to see proposals through to adoption. SCJ Alliance also helps the City navigate its long-term planning requirements, such as assisting in completing amendments to elements of its Comprehensive Plan.


“SCJ Alliance has provided the City of Vader with reliable, friendly and timely service. Even with our limited resources, SCJ Alliance has always treated us as if we are their top priority and have gone out of their way to provide the wide array of planning support services we require. They have been key in helping us towards reaching our City’s full potential.”

Jill Nielson
City of Vader


“Working with Vader is a special relationship for me. I recognize the challenges that small communities have in meeting their mandates. As I have worked with the City over time, I find myself increasingly committed to being a part of the City’s vision to be a great place to live. My goal is to help Vader be successful as a community by providing effective services that maximize the investment of their resources.”

Gary Cooper
Senior Planner