Communication Towers

Our tower specialists have worked with clients from coast-to-coast, providing engineering and planning services to the municipal communication industry, the cellular industry and the fiber optic transmission industry for more than a decade. We understand the nuances of tough mountaintop sites equally as well as dense urban settings. We have the experience that will make your project successful.

Whether the project calls for an early feasibility study, full planning, engineering, procurement or implementation, our team collaborates with clients to find the right solution. System audits, inspections and modifications are also part of our tool box. And we add value to clients’ infrastructure by not only designing for current demands, but planning for the unknowns of the next 50 years.

Complex telecommunications infrastructure projects are often daunting for municipalities because agencies may go years without a similar project. However, WE are frequently preparing procurement documents, preliminary designs and estimates. Having an engineering consulting firm at your side can not only make the project flow smoother, but can usually save you, the owner, future expenses by foreseeing conflicts and challenges early in the process. Owner’s representation is a way to broaden your experience base, expand your project staff, and reduce risk.